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From Tiling to renovating  your bathroom to perfection.

Over the years we have hand selected a proffetional team co-ordintate in 

completing your bathroom if required. Alternatively if you have your own tradesmen your more than welcome to use them.


Starting your work with the correct set out is important to get  the right finish. There are many tile adhesive on the market and the right adhesive will be used to suit your substrate and tiles. Finally floor tiles will be grouted with the colour of your choice.


Using a laser level at the start will ensure tiling work is level around your bathroom and most of all getting those straight lines. 

As there are many tile adhesive on the market the right adhesive will be used to suit your substrate and tiles. Finally wall tiles will be grouted with the colour of your choice.


A laser level is used to make sure your bedding is laid correctly and to have the right level or falls. Sand and cement is mixed to the accurate ratio to have the right strength when dry.


Waterproofing is one of the most important things in a job, one mistake can result a failure to the entire area and be very costly.

We ensure to be using the best material, also doing all waterproofing procedures correctly. 


Nice tiling work can be destroyed with bad grouting as cheap grout can go dirty easily and also stain. Go with epoxy grout as it will never stain, cleans easily and your new tiling work will still look new in 10 years. Although doing this might cost more, your tiling work with epoxy grout will outstand any other kind of flooring and will boost the quality of your home.


Pre-sealing all stone prior to laying and grouting is important to help avoid water, glue and grout stains which may never come out. Good sealers are costly but deliver the protection. Cheap sealers can be nasty, not protect stone correctly over a period of time and also may yellow in colour.


Repairing your shower leak the correct way is important by removing the existing grout and replacing it with epoxy grout which comes in many colours. Another way of stopping the leak is from the source by removing existing tiles, waterproofing followed by tiling.

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Tiling Near Me has a great reputation for the high-quality services provided and constantly strive to achieve their goals with a commitment to service excellence. Particular attention to detail is paid in order to ensure that the tile installation is symmetrical, has a consistent finish and the cuts within the new tiling are kept to a minimum.

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If i could give jamal from tiling near me 6 stars I would. I am very happy with the bathroom and laundry renovation. Excellent job. Jamal was honest from the start and he explained everything clearly his quote is cheaper than several quotes i receved for the same job friendly high communication. I can not recommended him more than this sam from bulleen vic

Sam Fenga

Jamal it was perfect and done by the date and also looks nice and level job . I appreciate this great job you’re honest and on time

  John from Thomastown Victoria 

Wow . Thanks jamal .was great service.very happy with the new house and new tile .he done my living room and hallway and kitchen and bathroom and laundry nicely and perfect .he is perfetional in his job .i will refer him to all my friends and family. Again thanks jamal

Jeane Wallace

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